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Hefei Jieke Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, a science and education city, and is located in Hefei High-tech Development Zone. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and technical implementation of the coding and marking industry. The company is composed of a professional and technical staff dedicated to the coding industry for more than ten years. This team has accumulated rich experience in the coding industry, not only witnessing the cable industry, building materials industry, seed industry, food industry, brewing industry, The rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the auto parts industry from simple coding marking to coding marking also witnessed the progress and development of the application of the three major coding equipments in the world in various manufacturing enterprises, and also witnessed the domestic coding packaging industry. The rise and progress.

Hefei Jieke Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. is the designated distributor of France's Markem-Imaje. Markem Imax Sign Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of identification and traceability solutions. It has designated a series of targeted marking solutions for many industries around the world, and has accumulated rich market knowledge.

Hefei Jieke Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. not only has professional coding marking equipment, accessories, consumables and other hardware, but also professional coding marking supporting software, providing system solutions for coding marking for various manufacturing enterprises. If you are paying attention to the content of your company's product identification, or want to personalize the product, customize the product personalized solution, we will be happy to provide you with professional services ...

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The coding industry is currently moving towards miniaturization. Portable printers have solved the problem of mobile operation. Anhui printers have found that the double-head printers are the most suitable for portable applications. The hand-held printer adopts the advanced clean flow nozzle design in the United States. The dual-headed handheld printer, even when using the most viscous pigment-based inks, and small-character hand-held printers, will reduce the frequency of nozzle cleaning, and thus the most Maximize uptime. Videojet handheld printer enables ...
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